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  • My name is Cici Rickert, also known as Cici Bird or Bird. Finally landing back in the States, I have been traveling the world the past 15 years with my husband and daughter! Since college, my husband’s professional basketball career has taken us to many different locations. We have been able to call special places across 5 continents in 8 different countries “home” and we will forever have a travel list to visit again. I have tried to take a piece of each spot with us knowing we would land back in the States, calling the Pacific Northwest home. I treasure my collection of special moments, memories, places and friendships from our time traveling and they are with us always. 


  • I graduated from University of Minnesota as a student-athlete playing tennis for the Golden Gophers and received my B.A. in Communications Studies with an emphasis in Public relations and ASL (American Sign Language). I met my husband Freshman year and we have been together ever since. I modeled throughout school while living in the States and after college while living in New Zealand where my husband played basketball. Years of bookings in commercial print, TVC commercials, runway, walking in NZ Fashion Week and several spokesperson roles have led to opportunities during those years that especially helped me learn about specific makeup application while refining my skills. I learned the inside and talent side of advertisements and shoots alongside many skilled MUA's. After New Zealand our path took us to Germany and Japan-5 different cities in 7 basketball seasons while living in Japan. I am a QC Makeup CIMA certified makeup artist (certified international makeup artist) since 2013. During this time, I studied makeup techniques under celebrity Makeup Artist, Nathan Johnson. Additional makeup techniques and inspiration is drawn from my years working in the industry and travels. 



  • Now being back in the States consistently, I can collaborate my travel journey with my love for makeup and how it connects people around the world. My travels have highlighted the fact that beauty can be found around the world, although perceptions and views of beauty may vary, the love for makeup and beauty is a universal language. My experiences have shaped my style, views and makeup application but most of all it has helped me appreciate all aspects of unique beauty across the world and cultures. Always loving makeup and the artistic side of the industry, my focus led me to professional makeup and connecting my travels with my makeup application. I love highlighting individual beauty through makeup application and client collaborations.

  • Language barriers do not generally apply to makeup and style, this visual industry breaks down language barriers and encourages the ability to speak visually. Over the many years living overseas, I have spent time each day absorbing the style and makeup trends around me- at the store, mall, train stations, games, grocery stores...anywhere and everywhere! I have always loved walking into the beauty aisles of stores around the world and finding treasures. You can learn so much about where you are and the culture based on what is sold in the local stores. Although I could not always speak the language, I found myself always finding ways to connect with others. Smiles are a universal language and a beautiful way to communicate across the world. Makeup has an ability to highlight natural beauty and smiles regardless of language barriers. I am thankful to have seen this across the world!



  • I would love to meet you and your makeup needs! Every face and makeup booking is uniquely different and the needs of each client is my priority.